Chinese Crested k-9 Skin Care Remedies

Are you at the end of your rope watching your poor pet suffer. You most likely have already been to the vet where they did test sent you home with some pills shampoos just to find out that did not work or maybe it did but now its back and you have to get more of that great stuff from your vet..... Then you need to keep reading.

1. is your dog itchy 
2. does your dog have dry flaky spots or skin
3. does your dog have thinning hair
4.does your dog gets yeast infections in her or his ears 
5. does your dog have bad teat stain 

What I am about to tell you most pet owners will not do it because of the time it takes, and it does take a lot of time for someone like me that has more that one dog and I work 6 days a week yet I find time to do what is best for my dogs and you can too.

First STOP buying that bag food....ya I know I feed the best its a 5-star rating yet you are reading this, so it's not the best for your dog keep in mind all the chemicals in the food and trust me if you won't eat it they should not be eating it either.

   1. I am going to keep this as short as possible you can do more research on the internet if needed. First thing I am going to tell you is stop buy dog food I can almost promise you that a lot of your issues are coming from that bag of food and store bought treats even some of the best foods out there may not be the best for your dog STOP and think of all the chemicals in every batch. Yes, some dogs do ok yet a lot of them do not. 

    2. Now let's make some food for your dog: there are a lot of recipes on the web some people like to feed raw food some like cooked I personally like mine cooked. you will not have to make as large as batches as me.

 50 %  Ground Beef, Chicken or Turkey when I do Chicken or Turkey I also add chicken livers and hearts etc.
 25 %  Vegetables, frozen Peas, Spinach, Carrots, kidney beans, sweet potatoes.
 25 % Brown rice
 I also add PET NUTRI-DRPS to every batch (and everyone gets and I add NutriVed Calcium Plus as a treat daily) Hempseed oil, Cod liver oil, ginger, and Kelp

Ok now that we are changing things up for the better let's fix your itchy pet

1. Baking soda 
2. Head and Shoulders shampoo
3. Apple cider vinegar 

ok now take the shampoo and the baking soda and make a paste 

rubbing it all over your pet and leave it on for 5 to 10 min working it in the whole time.

Now rinse off your pet towel dry if you blow dry do not use heat only warm or cool.

Now take the Apple cider vinegar and water mix it 50/50 in a spray bottle 

and spray your pet and rub in and leave it on do not rinse off.

Ok now, this must be done every 3 days until your pet is better this could take a month but think about how long it took for your pet to get like this. You should see a big difference as soon as one week, but don't stop until your pet is all better.

 other things that could be causing your pet to itch :

1.there bedding 
2.the carpet in the home
3.dirt the pet not getting washed dirt can dry out the skin and hair 
4. soaps

5. Laundry Detergents and/or dryer sheets  moist environment
7. to dry environment 

Caring for your Crested

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