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Any puppy priced $850 and above comes complete with:






-Small bag of high quality puppy food
-Martha Stewart easy-measure bowl or slow feeder bowl(while supplies last)

-Potty Pads

-Up to date shots
-Vet records
-United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals

-Deposits accepted
-Hand delivery(fee based on location)
-Plane delivery
-Paypal and major credit cards accepted

Non-refundable retainer fee/purchase

​​​​​​​Blue eyed Chinese Crested & Merle Chihuahua's at The Classy Puppy Sam         

New Home

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New Home

The reason our retainer fees($200-$500) are non-refundable is due to the fact that the dog is taken off the market based on our promise to hold the puppy for you. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to purchase your puppy.

Paypal now offers  6 Month interest free financing

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Purchases and Retainer fees are non-refundable.